COVID-19? Challenge accepted!

On March 25, 2020, the 1st Reputation Agency launched a program to support NGOs that have taken arms up against COVID-19. Its essence is the communication support of medical and social projects aimed at preventing the spread of Coronavirus and adaptation of Ukrainians to self-isolation.

Pandemics and quarantine restrictions are manifestations of crisis because they cause panic, discomfort and uncertainty in the future for the majority of the population. Social tension, fear and pessimism block people's logical thinking and thus reduce the effectiveness of measures to protect them from Coronavirus infection. In these conditions, the question of quality communications arises, both at the state level and in separate preventive projects implemented by volunteers.

This task was undertaken by the team of the 1st Reputation Agency within the framework of corporate volunteering. The main pro bono areas of our assistance to public organizations and charitable foundations in the fight against COVID-19 are:

  • organization of informational and explanatory campaigns in the regions
  • development of communication strategies for charitable projects
  • development of content for communication with the population

To receive PR-support of medical and social projects please call +38 (044) 465-67-94 or contact us via e-mail as@1ra.com.ua. You can also always contact us on our official Facebook page.