PR Outsourcing

Improve the PR function of the company, partially or fully transferring it to the hands of professionals in the field of corporate communications and reputation management.

Effective management of business reputation and corporate communications is impossible without a PR team, which:

  • is fluent in information analytics
  • is constantly improving its PR skills
  • is able to generate unique content
  • understands the relationship between PR and sales
  • has strategic PR thinking
  • is competent in project management
  • is adept at social engineering
  • knows modern PR tools
  • monitors trends in the PR industry
  • has successful PR cases
  • has connections in the media market
  • is ready for challenges 24/7
  • is stress resistant
  • is disciplined

The team of the 1st Reputation Agency possesses these qualities. Therefore, if you are faced with the issue of transferring the direction of Public Relations to outsourcing or strengthening the staffing of a PR unit, please contact us.

We offer subscriber-based PR services, as a result of which the lack of communication competencies in your company will be compensated, and the PR function will be adjusted and put at the service of your business reputation.

Depending on the size of your company, its communication problems and the specifics of PR tasks, you can choose one of our PR service packages:

  • "Communication office"
  • "PR department"
  • "PR specialist"
  • "Press relations service"
  • "Spokesperson"

Regardless of the package, providing you with PR outsourcing services, we focus on three components of effective PR:

  • steady business reputation
  • loyalty of target audiences
  • sales growth, i.e., PR payoff

To order PR outsourcing, click on the "Order a service" button on this page.

Why do you need this?

Having concluded a contract for subscriber-based PR-service with us, your company is guaranteed to receive:

  • optimal model of effective PR partnership
  • system implementation of operational PR functions
  • strategic approach to PR communications
  • system business reputation management
  • conversion of PR programs into sales
  • loyalty from key TA
  • a strong PR team represented by us
  • high ROI from investment in PR
  • PR cost savings

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