Media Monitoring

Be the first to know what they say about your company or brand on the Internet, social networks, forums, online media, TV, radio, the press, news agencies and other media.

The 1st Reputation Agency in partnership with the SAAS service for Public Relations LOOQME offers information monitoring services.

Media monitoring is fully automated and is configured individually for each client. This will allow you to monitor all references to your brand, company, its chief executives 24/7:

  • at over 150,000 internet sources worldwide
  • on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, Live Journal, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and other social networks
  • on reviews sites and consumer online forums
  • on the air of television channels and popular TV show
  • in the news blocks of all popular radio stations in Ukrain
  • in central and regional print media, magazine
  • in the news of information agencies of Ukraine and abroad

LOOQME monitoring services are already used by more than 170 companies around the world. Become our client in order to know what consumers, influencers and journalists are saying about you and to react in time to negativity.

To order monitoring of media and social networks, click the “Order a service»button on this page. 

Why do you need this?

By ordering our monitoring services, you can:

  • evaluate media activity of a company, competitors and market
  • optimize media plans, PR campaigns and their budgets
  • control KPI of corporate communications
  • be the first to respond to company negativity
  • stop information attacks on your business
  • protect business reputation in times of crisis
  • save time and money on monitoring

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