Info Attacks Repulse

Protect the reputation of your company from damaging and compromising material. They are often followed by a takeover of your business. Competent work with negativity will not leave any chances for competitors and attackers.

In 2018, experts of The Associated Press global news network estimated that fake news reached 1,500 users in 10 hours, and truthful news reached 60. Lies reach 35% more people. Disinformation is 70% more likely to be spread.

That is why attacks on business in 99% of cases start with information spreads of false stories into social networks and online media. They will be followed by custom TV reports, pickets at your office and stores, lawsuits against you. This is the collapse of business reputation, money, and possibly business.

The 1st Reputation Agency will help prevent such a scenario. We have rich experience in repulsing information attacks on business. The fight against black PR, anti-crisis PR and protection against misinformation are the profile of our team.

We help companies protect themselves:

  • from situational information spreads of false stories
  • from system information attacks
  • when spreading incriminating evidence
  • when spreading random misinformation
  • in information wars with competitors
  • from fakes from the headquarters of raiders and pseudo-activists

To order a services to repulse information attacks, click on the "Order a service" button on this page. 

Why do you need this?

Your business reputation will withstand the blows of competitors. The enemy will refuse the plan to discredit you and, possibly, will receive reputational damage himself. Misinformation about you will be downgradedand driven out of the media space. Your team will gain valuable experience in case of another information attack.

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