Press Events

Turn journalists into partners by creating a loyal media pool for your company. Symbiosis or neutrality with the media will give your business a new lease of life in managing business reputation and reduce advertising budgets.

Media Relations and an active presence in the media is a must-have for medium and large businesses in the reputational era of the economy. Because consumers and the public at large are eager to discuss everything about their lives. They do this at home, at work, in social networks. And when a product, a company or its chief executive are frequent guests of popular media, then interest in them grows geometrically. And here it is important to work with editors and media journalists correctly. Then the public attention to business is converted into the necessary actions from the target audiences: purchases, good reviews and cooperation.

Experts of the 1st Reputation Agency in real-world contexts know how to interest the media, set up interaction with editors and journalists, avoiding media risks for business reputation.

We offer your company the organization of press events on a turn-key basis with moderation. Both individual and serial as part of the implementation of PR projects or everyday PR.

  • press conferences and press briefings
  • press lunches and casual meetings
  • press tours of production facilities
  • official media commentary
  • official media appeals
  • roundtable discussions and conferences
  • live and print interviews

To order a systematic work with the media or a specific press event, click on the “Order a Service” button on this page.

Why do you need this?

You will become useful for the media, which means you will achieve their loyal attitude to your company. Editor-in-chiefs and journalists will agree with you on future material. Your business will become open, understandable and interesting for target audiences. This will open up new opportunities for building and protecting reputation.

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