Digital PR

Use social networks as a bridgehead for the reputation of the brand, company, top business executives. It is here that rumors spread most quickly, reputation crises and triumphs develop.

According to the data from social media analytics of 2019 from the American IT company Amrica, 92% of consumers trust word of mouth more than any advertisement. UGC - content created by users themselves - increases conversion rate up to 64%.

Ignoring social media is a strategic mistake of PR specialists, press secretaries, and marketing specialists. Competent work in social networks is necessary for everyone who has the task of managing public opinion in the interests of the company. Especially if you work in a mass B2C segment.

The 1st Reputation Agency specializes in PR on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Telegram. Online reputation and anti-crisis digital communications in social networks is our profile. You can also order a comprehensive SMM brand, company or event promotion from us.

Our digital PR and SMM services:

  • digital strategy development
  • promotion of PR materials in social networks
  • social media viral communications
  • viral videos on Youtube and Facebook
  • protection against information attacks on Facebook
  • tactic work with negativity on Facebook
  • anti-crisis communications in social networks
  • employer brand promotion on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • SMM company and brand promotion
  • company promotion on Twitter
  • development of publics on social networks
  • development of official pages of TOPs and owners
  • promotion of corporate experts on Facebook
  • development of the Telegram channel and public chats

  To find out the prices of PR in social networks, the cost of SMM promotion and why it is worth ordering digital from us, click on the "Order a service" button on this page.

Why do you need this?

You will get high speed information dissemination. Messages will hit precisely the target audience. A community of fans will grow around your company, brand or ideas. They themselves will push people to the actions you need.

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