Who are we?

The 1st Reputation Agency is an independent full-cycle Ukrainian PR agency. Since 2009 we have been working for domestic and foreign companies, state-owned enterprises of Ukraine and NGO.

Our PR-services create conditions for growth of sales of the client and increase in cost of his enterprise, in particular, during and after crises.

The slogan of our team is Capitalize Reputation. This means that our work turns our client's reputation into an "insurer" and "accelerator" of his profits.


We help companies to become richer, more expensive, more resistant to threats and develop in harmony with society.


Become a business guide to the reputational economy of Ukraine

Our history


Entering the PR market of Ukraine

We form a team. We realize the first PR projects for restaurants and hotels. In particular, for Best Restaurant System, one of the largest restaurant chains in Ukraine.


Opening up new markets

We realize anti-crisis communications in the banking sector. We are developing a PR partnership with insurance companies and private pension funds.


Launching Digital-PR

Developed new PR service "PR in social networks and messengers". The first client of the service was KAN Development, one of the leaders in the construction market of Ukraine.


Updating the team

We are expanding the team, involving journalists, media experts, textologists, sociologists and psychologists. Our PR-services receive a scientific base and analytical support, which significantly increases their effectiveness.


Diversifying PR services

The permanent portfolio of the First Reputation Agency amounted to 23 PR-services. Among the new services are the production of reputational video content and viral PR campaigns.


First 50 clients

We reach 50 corporate clients, 10 of which are regular ones. We conclud the contract with the international consulting company Ascendis for the communication support of its entry into the Ukrainian market.


Updating for clients

We modernized the ideology of the PR agency and developed a new slogan – Capitalize Reputation. Implemented SQM – the system for managing quality of services, service processes and client relationships.

Our competencies

The team of The 1st Reputation Agency has experience in corporate communications and business reputation management in the following markets:

• Fuel and Energy Complex
• Telecommunication Services
• Agro-Industrial Complex
• Banking and Finance
• Construction Development
• Pharmaceutical Industry
• Business Consulting
• FMCG Retail
• IT

A separate area of our work is PR support of NGO and non-profitable projects.

Reputation Management

Strategic planning of reputation management


Work with negativity and repulsing information attacks

Digital Communications

PR on the Internet, social networks and messengers

Video Production

Video content for image and business reputation

Media Relations

Work with the media and press events

Influencer Relations

Work with opinion leaders and bloggers

Government Relations

Work with authorities, deputies and officials

Community Relations

Work with the general public and local communities

Info Analytics

Media monitoring, content analysis and reputation audits

Public Content

Corporate blogs, official speeches and texts

Our advantages

We have 5 advantages in the PR market of Ukraine. Each of them presents an additional value and practical benefit for the client. As result, companies choose us and stay with us.

Focus on
customer sales

Work from the idea
to the back office

approach to PR

Comply with
the Code of Ethics


Our team

Experts responsible for the development of The 1st Reputation Agency and key client services.


CEO, Reputation Expert


Senior Project Manager


Public Content Director


Digital-PR Director


Chief of Photo & Video Production


Media Relations Director


Social Media Expert


Government Relations Expert

They trust us

Companies with a sensitive reputation and ambition to be No. 1 in their markets. Client gratitude and reviews on The 1st Reputation Agency will tell about us better than we do.

Client reviews

Our partners

We are developing a partnership network to be even more useful to our customers and actively promote the status of business reputation in the corporate sector of Ukraine.

Among our partners:
• SAAS service providers for managing PR
• goodwill law firms
• research organizations
• international business associations
• professional PR associations
• media projects

Why do we work with reputation?

The world economy has entered a reputational era. This is the time when the success of a business will depend on what is said about it.

Consumers, staff, competitors, journalists, general public. On social networks, on TV, on the streets, in transport, out loud on the phone, among themselves.

The real advantages of companies - prices, quality, service – as such, without a public assessment, lose value.

In these conditions, reputation management of a company or brand, that is, rumors about them, is more important than Sales Management. Because, the main incentive to buy something is the tonality of the rumor about the product, its manufacturer and seller.

Thus, in such an economy the business that systematically builds and protects business reputation will “survive”.

Companies and brands should focus all communications on people's experiences, given their irrationality.

We know that reputation affects sales, and therefore determines the level of business profitability. Therefore, we advise everyone: "Take care of your reputation today, and we will help". If this is not done, then your business reputation, and therefore the future of your business, will be in the hands of competitors or will dissolve in the maelstrom of information.


Address: 16 Mechnykova st.,
office 4/12, Kyiv, 01021, Ukraine
Phone: +38 044 465 67 94 E-mail: as@1ra.com.ua

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