CSR Strategies

Develop the social responsibility of business in the way that society expects in order to systematically receive reputation dividends.

Corporate social responsibility for business is an inexhaustible source of reputation dividends, a catalyst for publicity and a mitigator of crises. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to make CSR a systematic activity of the company. But, the main thing is that the social mission of business is in demand in the society, and not just liked by the owner or CEO. Otherwise, people will perceive the good deeds of your company as PR, which will damage your business reputation.

The 1st Reputation Agency knows how to bring your company's social responsibility into a system that will pay off in the future? For this we offer the following services:

  • development of the concept of business social responsibility
  • development of CSR positioning in the media space
  • development of CSR integration in corporate culture
  • strategic planning of CSR for a period of 1 year
  • development of corporate volunteering concepts
  • development of social programs and projects

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Why do you need this?

A strategic approach to social responsibility will create strategic advantages for your company or brand:

  • key to mutually beneficial relations with the authorities
  • increased media interest in your business
  • increase in positive media references
  • source of coverage opportunity
  • source of positive reviews about the company
  • additional team building tool
  • positive image in the eyes of foreign partners
  • additional resilience factor during crises
  • increase in goodwill due to positive recognition
  • public loyalty to business activities
  • optimization and return on investment in CSR

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