Public Content

What people read, watch and listen about you on the Internet, the media, during events and on the street. Such information forms or changes an opinion about your business, product, initiative. We develop public content that emphasizes reputation, highlights the key points, disproves or gives rise to rumors, creates discussions, persuades, encourages action. This is a necessary driver for positioning and maintaining reputation.

More about this area

Order copywriting, write a PR article, create a corporate blog, shoot a video or make a social report for the press. All this can be done within the company if there is time, inspiration, methodology and the necessary specialists. And if not?

Then the companies are looking for the services of a copywriter, articles to order, those who can shoot a video on a turn-key basis or write a speech for the speaker. Often this leads to the choice of a contractor for whom content development is just writing texts or filming and editing the video according to the brief. The obtained result in 90% of cases is separated from the communication strategy of the customer and does not meet the expectations of the reader, viewer, listener.

There is an alternative. Order content development with us. The 1st Reputation Agency – the PR-agency of Ukraine, which knows how to use your meanings, words and images to control the opinion about your business.