Social Research

Predict the reactions of target audiences to the actions of your business to best meet their expectations.

To order a societal study in Ukraine or to conduct a opinion poll on the Internet is not easy. The market for these services is filled, to put it mildly, with semi-professionals, which creates a high risk of a sociological error for the customer.

Therefore, to conduct a focus group or organize a questionnaire, you should trust the services that can provide a portfolio of research projects or fixed reviews.

Sociologists of the 1st Reputation Agency are known in the market as the gurus of marketing and political research. Our agency's portfolio includes more than 100 projects for various industries, state enterprises and NGOs.

You can order a societal study on a turn-key basis from us, which will help you to find out an opinion and predict the behavioral reactions of people to:

  • liquidation, reorganization, rebranding of a business
  • launch of production facilities in the regions
  • changes in the ownership structure of a business
  • development of conflicts involving the company
  • unpopular measures in crisis conditions
  • launching a complex product

We specialize in such methods:

  • online polls
  • questionnaires
  • telephone polls
  • focus groups
  • in-depth interview
  • expert polls
  • formative polls

To order a societal study, click on the "Order a Service" button on this page.

Why do you need this?

Our sociology will allow you to:

  • know and consider the expectations of target audiences
  • avoid conflicts with target audiences
  • correct business reputation on time
  • take action without compromising reputation
  • position complex products

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